Profumo d’Italia is a small family business, founded by Francesco Benedetti, in which Maddalena Benedetti has recently taken an active role, working side by side with her father Francesco.

Profumo d’Italia was born with purpose of familiarising Finnish people with authentic Italian traditions, in which food, wine and culture play a crucial role, by taking them on tours to different regions in Italy.

All through the tours, clients experience a part of Italy that they otherwise wouldn’t, sitting in small trattorias tasting local favourites, giving it a try on cooking local recipes, indulging in heavenly cheeses, hams and salami and falling in love with real, Italian Extra Virgin Olive oil. Tours include visits to local wine producers, villas, museums, parks and other relevant sites, sightseeing of villages, towns and nature wonders.

The idea of organizing cultural travels to Italy came up when Francesco Benedetti, during his catering and cooking classes, understood people were looking for an alternative to package tours to Italy, something which would show them the ‘real’ Italy. Francesco set off to organize the first tour in 2008. Since then, the number of tours has steadily increased and since 2016, Profumo d’Italia is organizing tours to other countries in Europe as well.

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